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Decking & Wood

There are many homes across Devon and Cornwall that have decking installled as part of the garden area. Homeowners tend to opt for this choice because the decking is seen to require a lot less upkeep than a garden mostly laid to lawn. However, like any other external surface it does need some degree of regular maintainance. Without looking after on a regular basis, wooden decking will soon start to deteriorate and become vulnerable to surface growth

We specialise in pressure washing decking and other wooden surfaces all over Devon and Cornwall. Having made considerable investments in the very best pressure cleaning equipment, we can clean any decked surface without damaging the wood in any way.

If required, and after the wood has been thoroughly cleaned, we can also apply a wood stain or re-oil the decking for you. This will protect the wood from deterioration and help to keep it looking clean.

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If you live in Plymouth or other parts of Devon and Cornwall and have any decking that requires cleaning, please ask for a FREE quotation by calling 07968 096808 or 01752 515887 or make your enquiry online by clicking here.